Unpaid Wages

Wage disputes are a huge part of my employment law practice. Unfortunately, employers are always trying to find ways to cut corners and save money in their business and that regularly means that they try and cut back on their expenses related to the employees that work for them. While I would hope that taking care of their employees would be the last thing to go in a business, it is often the first problem I see.

As a result, I help clients facing wage issues with their employers including cases that involve:

If your California employer hasn’t been properly paying you for the work you do, I can help you get the money you deserve and can help to ensure that no one else is subject to the same treatment that you have been suffering.


Paying for Legal Representation

Paying for an attorney is often a big concern for people, and I understand that. As a result, I handle all of my employment cases involving wage and compensation disputes on a contingency fee basis. That means you don’t have to pay me out of pocket to represent you in your case. In fact, I will wait to get paid until we reach a successful resolution in your case and you get paid.

It’s time to hold California employers accountable and demand that the hard-working employees of California get the compensation they deserve. Call me today, we can handle this together.